Alkionis Beach Hotel

Aklionis – beach autonomous apartments in Sfakaki Rethymno.


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Alkionis Beach Hotel

Tourist business with autonomous apartments in Sfakaki, Rethymnon, on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of the island of Crete.

The company had a website but for reasons of force majeure, it had to be re-set up from scratch. We kept the original design, but the whole functional and management part was designed from the beginning in order to fully cover the needs of the business.

The website was developed on the WordPress platform and special emphasis was given to the user friendly experience so that he can easily find the information of the rooms and if he wants to send a reservation request. We also gave special attention to the loading speed of the website.

The content is fully dynamic and its management environment is specially designed so that even the most novice user can respond. Complete management of the apartments, which includes the addition and subtraction of apartments and for each apartment the administrator can edit the texts, galleries, etc.