Creation of a dynamic website for the presentation of the theatrical team “Antivaro”.


  • Clean code
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive Design in order to comply with any devise used
  • Special categorization
  • Contenet Archive
  • Speed ​​Optimization for fast loading times

Thetrical Team “Antivaro”

Antivaro, a non-profit artistic-cultural-research association, was created in Spring 2013 to promote the art of theater in the city of Rethymnon.

Having a lot of material from activities, projects, shows and festivals, they have decided to archive and present this material through a website so that it is easily and quickly accessible to everyone.

The design should fully reflect the style and character of the team. It should contain all the material, nicely set up to facilitate navigation and search for the user. The big challenge was to properly archive and group the material, as some of the shows are part of a festival organized by the team itself. The visitor should always know whether he is navigating within a festival or exploring the work of the group itself. Projects participating in a festival are grouped and presented in a program format to the audience. This can keep a historical record of the festival’s schedule.

Dynamic application developed on the WordPress platform. Created a custom template with Clean Design and primarily aimed at the user-friendly Interface, with easy and understandable navigation, custom presentation of pages depending the device from where they are loaded and fast loading speeds, even on pages containing a large gallery of photographs.

Rich dynamic content with all the necessary information, photos and videos. Content is handled through a user-friendly interface with customized forms so that there is no unnecessary distracting or confusing content.