Gordon Hellas

Gordon Hellas, the official representative of Gordon International (GTI) in Greece, entrusted us with the reconstruction of its website for a complete presentation of its workshops.


  • Clean code
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive Design in order to comply with any devise used
  • Speed ​​Optimization for fast loading times
  • Online Booking System

Gordon Hellas

Gordon Hellas is the official representative of Gordon International (GTI) in Greece and conducts GTI workshops throughout Greece in their original form. They assigned us the reconstruction of their website for a complete presentation of their workshops as well as the creation of some automation that would help the operational part of the business.

Now each workshop provides a complete presentation to visitors, with all the information formulated in such a way that the visitor can have an overview at a glance and then focus on the information he needs.

A reservation system has been developed specially designed for the needs of the workshops, so that the visitor can register online and “book” a seat for the workshop. The administrator, with very simple procedures, can activate the possibility of online participation in any workshop, to define the available seats of the workshop, to determine the period during which the system will accept online participations, to choose the amount of payment (deposit or one-time payment) and then manage the participants through the dashboard.

The website was developed on the WordPress platform and special emphasis was given to the user friendly experience and the loading speed of the website.

The content is fully dynamic and its management environment is specially designed so that even the most novice user can respond.