Got Info Apps

Dynamic web application creation in order to record large volumes of data and create customized filters.


  • Clean code
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive Design in order to comply with any devise used
  • Speed ​​Optimization for fast loading times
  • Digital Marketing

Got Info Apps

A project different from the rest since it is a collection of small easy-to-use applications that aim to help people who are looking for specific information from several sources and spend a lot of time searching and combining them.

The purpose of the project is to undertake the process of gathering information. Essentially, all the necessary data will be collected, structured and registered in the database. Various filters will then be created for this information, which will help visitors retrieve information quickly and easily.

This is a very large amount of data as well as the creation of customized filters on a case by case basis.

The website was developed on the WordPress platform. A custom template was created with the primary purpose of User friendly Interface.

Content is handled through the easy-to-use WordPress environment, with customized forms so that there is no unnecessary distracting or confusing information.