Papadakis SM

Papadakis Super Market chain has been active in the retail sector since 1989 in the local community of Rethymnon.


  • Clean code
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive Design in order to comply with any devise used
  • Speed ​​Optimization for fast loading times
  • Digital Marketing

Papadakis SM

Papadakis Super Market chain has been active in the retail sector since 1989 and holds a prominent position in the local community of Rethymnon.

The company decided to take the next step with its online presence and they assigned to us the construction and implementation of the company’s website. The characteristics of the project have to do with the promotion of the chain but also the immediate information of its customers about the current offers. A mechanism was created for an easy way to import the offer brochures and their realistic presentation to the visitor. Automations were also created for the immediate posting on the social of the website entries. We have also added the ability of collecting the e-mail addresses of the interested visitors so that the basics for a complete promotion campaign can be scheduled and it will also include newsletter campaigns.

The website was developed on the WordPress platform and special emphasis was given to the user friendly experience, the loading speed as well as the accessibility of people with special needs.

The online presence has been enhanced, in addition to the already existing social profiles, with the upgrades of the entries in Google My Business, which will dynamically complement the appearance of the company in the organic search results.

The long-term goal is for the website to be a tool for immediately informing customers about the available offers as well as the creation of a “community” which will be the basis for future applications that will complete the hole project. The retail industry is hotly contested and the ultimate goal is to increase customer confidence and the fast information of the customers as well as the offset advertising campaign costs through strategic actions.