Taxi Service Rethymno

Creation of a dynamic website for the presentation of taxi services.


  • Clean code
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive Design in order to comply with any devise used
  • Speed ​​Optimization for fast loading times
  • Full management of pricelist and routes
  • Multilingual content

Taxi Service Rethymno

In an effort to keep up with current technology requirements, Taxi Service Rethymno has decided to create a website to be able to accept online route requests.

He commissioned us to build the website with dynamic content as many of its elements would change frequently.

Special market research was also needed in order for the website to have content that would help it to go up in the organic results of google. Special research was also done on the yandex search engine.

Multilingual content management is in place and the site can currently serve visitors from 11 countries.

Content is handled through the easy-to-use WordPress environment, with customized forms so that there is no unnecessary distracting or confusing information.