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Our philosophy

Our goal, in addition to a stylish and unique presentation on the web, is to make the website an important tool for visitor interaction with the business.

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The services or products will be presented in a user-friendly and impressive way so that the user can browse and discover all the information. All websites are designed according to the needs of each business. Also, a website can be a business communication tool with its clients. Applications such as questionnaires, competitions, blogs (with business news or product or service tips) can be important tools for business strategic growth and development.


We provide a handy control panel to manage the website so you can easily change its content wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection.

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We use sophisticated techniques (caching, cdn, etc.) to improve the page load significantly. After all, speed is one of the most important elements of a website's success.


All of our websites use responsive web design techniques . The website is customized according to the width of the screen from which it is viewed (PC, Tablet, Mobile) to provide the user with an easy to use navigation experience.


We are with you all the time! From the first day of implementation and as long as the website is live, you will receive both consulting and technical support from our team.


Static web pages are fixed electronic documents (HTML). They contain texts, images, hyperlinks, videos, and other elements such as Flash or Java Script animations.

The term "static" does not refer to any kind of animation, but to the permanence of the content of the website. This means that for a static website the content is not going to change.

The content of a static website is changed by its developer. There is no control panel to manage content available.

Creating static web pages is a solution for a small business that wants a simple presentation that will rarely need any future changes to its content.

Dynamic websites operate in combination with one or more databases. The fact that content is stored and uploaded dynamically from a database enables the creation of a control panel for the content management of the website.

So in addition to the frontend, there is also the backend (the control panel) and it is a web application known as a CMS (content management system).

This gives users the ability to interfere and change the content of the website easily and quickly and most importantly they do not need specialized knowledge. The process can be done by people with basic computer skills.

Static Website

If your project is a presentation whose content will not change regularly, then a static website might be of interest.

The cost of construction is certainly lower, as is the time spent building the website. Also, the resources required for hosting are significantly less, so there may be cost savings from the hosting package.

The final result of the static website (frontend) will be like the one of a dynamic website.

Dynamic Website

If the presentation we want to achieve requires a refresh of our website content (texts, photos, articles, etc.), then we should consider a dynamic website.

In this case, a control panel is created that modifies the content in a simple way so that a user with basic computer skills can respond.

Developing a dynamic website has a higher development and design cost. It also takes much more time to develop a CMS (content management system) database as well as the backend. However, it is likely that a dynamic website will lead to a higher return of the investment in the long run.

An important advantage of dynamic websites is that they are more SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization). Frequently updated content sites rank higher in search engine results than static pages, so they receive more visits, and therefore potential customers for the business.

Implementing an online marketing strategy is easier with a dynamic website than a static website: the website administrator can instantly create and post a new page, and promote it appropriately based on the strategy set.

The capabilities are greatly enhanced in a dynamic website.

Static Website Dynamic Website
Cost (Lower cost) (Higher cost)
Construction time
Hosting Resource Requirements
Easy content management
SEO Friendly
= good  ||  = not good


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